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Secure FTP Access

All sound files created by the Telewave dictation system are protected using an industry standard 128-bit encryption routine. These files may be transported via regular FTP given that the recipient will only be able to review if the have the proper authentication key provided by Teletouch Services.

HIPAA requirement: If you plan to transfer charts, patient files, or other documents that require 128-bit encryption, you will need a browser that supports SSL sessions.

The Teletouch FTP server allows SSL/TLS and regular FTP sessions.

This option is also called explicit secure-FTP. The domain will allow regular FTP sessions without encryption as well as encrypted FTP sessions using SSL/TLS. The FTP client determines if it wants the session to be encrypted or not by sending the AUTH command to the server to switch to using SSL.

In order to start an explicit secure-FTP session, you will need to install an FTP client that supports this option. Most shareware FTP clients do not support explicit secure, however, there are some available. The use of these clients is at your risk. the responsibilty for determining if a secure-FTP session is required is the responsibility of the user or company requesting access.

For your convenience we have provided links to some of the secure FTP clients we have seen.

Voyageur by Rhinosoft - This is our preferred FTP client and works best with our FTP Server.

ws_FTP_Pro by IPSwitch

CuteFTPPro by GlobalScape

FileZilla Open Source FTP Client (Freeware)







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