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Medical and Legal Dictation and Transcription Services for North America

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Toll Free Digital Dictation

Do you require new or updated dictation equipment for your Medical or Law offices. We have digital dictation solutions for medical, legal, or other professionals. Use our systems and save on your capital costs.

Our solutions include Toll-Free phone in systems, PDA Personal Desktop Assistant - Pocket PC, or PC Based.

If you currently use or plan to use a Pocket PC based PDA for dictation, we offer OPUS - a HIPAA compliant plug-in that records and transfers your files securely over the internet or your intranet.

If you prefer to dictate directly into your PC, our system will automatically record your patient information, work type, and route the dictation files by email, FTP, or network drive to your medical or legal transcriptionist.

Our toll-free services include:

  • Twenty-four hour accessibility
  • Access from any touch-tone phone (Ground-based, cellular or digital)
  • A toll free dictation line
  • Touch tone control keys
  • Medical Dictation Menu
  • Automatic Transfer of dictation files to a transcriptionist or transcription company of your choice via secure FTP.
  • Assured confidentiality - HIPAA Compliant
  • File storage on CD (optional)
  • Unparalleled customer satisfaction
  • Free FTP Transfers
  • Private Toll Free #'s available

Many medical and legal transcription companies are using our toll free service to receive their dictation from their clients throughout North America and the UK.

We are also able to transfer your existing 1-800 line to our system if you choose.



Dictation solutions for Doctors, Lawyers and other professionals in the Medical, Legal, Accounting, Insurance, Investigation professions

Toll-Free Dictation under $0.10 per minute

We are your 24-hour, Remote, Automated Dictation Center.

Doctor dictating a report

Contact us to request more information on our Dictation solutions or to sign up for our Toll Free Dictation and Transcription Service.

Services available throughout North America (Canada, UK, and USA)



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