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Teletouch Services provides a fully automated telephone dictation service which uses a Dialogic phone board and the latest software technology Telewave and Voicewave. Telewave can instantly transfer dictation to any transcriptionist regardless of where the dictation occurs.

Voicewave software is a state of the art dictation system that can be used on any personal computer. The system is easy to use and eliminates the need for expensive dictation equipment.

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A surgeon goes off on vacation and realizes that he forgot to dictate a report on a patient. He can call the Teletouch Services dictation line, punch in his access code and then be prompted to dictate his report. After he is finished dictating, he can leave forwarding instructions.

The dictation is received on the Voicewave program and is forwarded to a transcriptionist who then processes the report and follows instructions as to how the report will be forwarded.

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Doctor using car phone to call in a report.

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