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Toll Free Dictation Pricing for US and Canada

Toll free access to the system from Canada and the US including the use of our secure FTP Service to retrieve your dictated files. There are no initial setup fees or additional charges to set up new clients for the toll free service. . There is no limit as to the number of client accounts you can set up on the system.

All prices are in $USD.

Plan Actual Hours Used Actual Minutes Used Plan Rate/Hour Actual Cost/Minute Deposit Required
Plan 5
Plan 10
Plan 20
Plan 40
Plan 80
Plan 120
Plan 200

A refundable deposit is required for all plans based on the minimum number of hours in each plan level. We will increase the amount of deposit required as you increase in number of hours used each month. The deposit is held on account against your last invoice. Any amount not used is refundable.

You will be invoiced monthly at the rate that you qualify based actual hours used on the system. The above table indicates the charge per hour (or per minute). As your business grows, you automatically qualify for the best rate available based on the total hours used each month. There are no minimum monthly fees.

All plans must be paid by check or credit card in advance to begin service. All plans require a valid credit card to be on file at all times.

Sound files are encoded and compressed using a proprietary converter. Additional one time costs will be required for new accounts to set up conversion software to convert the encoded .wav files to a standard .wav format.. The only software compatible with the Telewave Phone System is Voicewave by Boston Bar Systems Corp.

There are two options available for transcription companies, clinics, or transcriptionists. If you do not already own transcription software, the Voicewave Professional is available at $295.00 per workstation. With this software, there are two foot pedals supported. Infinity USB $79.95 each or Phillips SpeechMike Pro USB $160.00 each. No other footpedals are supported.

If you already have transcription software, you can use the Voicewave Converter. With this tool, only one copy is required and can be installed on a central PC with access to the file server where you will be downloading the voice files for distribution. The converter price is $495.00.



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