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Associate - Internet Based Dictation Services

Teletouch eDictation and eTranscription

What is Associate? Powered by Port Nexus Inc., Associate is an Internet based workflow dictation/transcription system with Dragon Voice Recognition capability.

1. Mobility

  • Access to system on any device allowing access to the Internet
  • Blackberry, Android, iPhone compatible
  • Phone-in dictation
  • Mobile uploads
  • Desktop dictation

2. Accountability and Access to information

  • Instant access to system via Internet login
  • See the status of all dictations at a glance
  • Instant review of work in progress
  • Share dictation jobs in a workgroup
  • Query and report generation capabilities

3. Scalability

  • From a single person firm or a multi-national corporation you have access to Associate’s many powerful capabilities.

No matter where in the world you are, you can dictate, either on-line or off-line using most any digital device and when ready the file is sent to Associate’s server. Just by using your login and password on any Internet accessible device (PC, PDA, etc) you get real time, immediate status on any file.

System Features:

  • Unique login and password access for security
  • System is refreshed so you are seeing work in progress in real time
  • Easily share the workload as a group
  • Automatic installation from server. No need to perform a client installation.
  • Work online or offline.
  • New features and software fixes are instant and available each time you login, so you do not need to request product upgrade.
  • Roll based access to data and documents so you see only those dictation jobs you are allowed to see.
  • Voice recognition - using Dragon Professional Version 11

You may input using a blackberry, iPhone, Android or PocketPC or a desktop computer with Associate. You can also use our dial-in phone-in product. When you go on-line, Associate is instantly updated and work in progress can be viewed at a glance. By tracking the real time progress of a dictation job, you can guarantee the integrity of letting others know when work will be completed.

Also, you can make queries against all jobs in the system. For instance, search for:

  • - All jobs that are pending.
  • - All jobs from a given author, completed on a certain date.
  • - Jobs created with a given confirmation number.
  • - And many more features

If you wish to see the other many features of Associate, please contact us to arrange for a demo.

Please contact us at or call 1-866-528-4005

Dictation solutions for Doctors, Lawyers and other professionals in the Medical, Legal, Accounting, Insurance, Investigation professions

We are your 24-hour, Remote, Automated Dictation Center.

Contact us to request more information on our Dictation solutions or to sign up for our Toll Free Dictation and Transcription Service.





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