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TeleWave Dictation System Access Instruction

The North American toll free number to access Telewave is 1-866-293-3693. (Local #: 1-604-944-8200).

The UK Free Phone # is 0800-310-1855

The Telewave system has been upgraded to the latest release available and is hosted by Teletouch Services. . Your transcription will continue to be processed and managed by the same transcriptionists that you have been using.

When you dial into the system, you will need to enter the following:

  1. You will first be asked to enter your ID followed by #.
  2. If you have a password, you will then need to enter your password, followed by #.
  3. If this is your first use, you will be prompted to say your name and record a password. These prompts are used to ensure that you are connecting as the correct user in the future.
  4. Next, you will be asked to enter a work type. If you are not using a work type, hit the # key.
  5. You will then be asked to enter a Patient chart number. If you are not using a patient chart number or ID, hit the # key.
  6. Begin recording after the tone.


  1. Touch 9 to complete your call and disconnect from the system
  2. Create a password to protect your ID. If you wish to reset your password, please contact us at

The keypad menu is the following:

Touch Action Description
1 Playback Touch 1 to playback the dictation from the beginning. Touch 7 to fast forward the playback by 7 seconds. Touch 0 to overwrite the recording at the point of playback.
2 Record Touch 2 to continue recording.
3 Review Touch 3 to review (playback) the last 5 seconds and immediately continue recording.
4 Pause Touch 4 to pause recording and touch 2 to continue recording.
5 Complete   Touch 5 to complete the current dictation and begin a new dictation. The caller will again be prompted for the work type and patient id.
6 Go to end Touch 6 to go to the end of the file.
7 Fast forward Touch 7 to fast forward the playback by 7 seconds.
8 Go to beginning Touch 8 to insert a new recording at the beginning
9 Disconnect Touch 9 to disconnect from TeleWave.
0 Overwrite Touch 0 to overwrite the recording at the point of playback.
# Skip prompt Touch # to skip the prompt.
*1 Confirmation # Touch * and 1 to hear the unique confirmation for the current dictation before touching 5 to end. This confirmation code can be used to locate a voice file on the dictation server.
*2 Overwrite Audio Touch * and 2 to overwrite the audio at the last point of playback
*3 Insert Audio Touch * and 3 to insert audio at the last point of playback.
*4 Set Priority Touch * and 4 to set a priority. Immediately after pressing *4, the caller must touch a button between 1 and 3. 1 means high priority, 2 means medium priority (the default), 3 means low priority. For example, to set a dictation at high priority the caller will touch *41. By default all dictations are set at medium priority.

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