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Free Dictation Service Offer

Teletouch Services is pleased to announce a special promotion on our toll free dictation services.

All new clients signing up for toll free service with us prior to January 31, 2012 will receive 5 hours of free dictation time.

Teletouch Services offers toll free dictation services for transcription companies and home based transcriptionists. For more information please visit our web site.

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Teletouch Services Inc. provides dictation and transcription solutions to medical, legal, insurance, and other professional service organizations. Our premier service is a hosted toll free dictation solution where we provide the toll free numbers and the systems for your clients to call in dictation. We provide unique user ID's for each of your clients who dial into our servers. The completed encoded .wav files are then located on our servers for access by your transcriptionists. There is a workflow system built into the telephone service which allows each dictating client to be allocated to a specific or group folder on our FTP site. We are able to assign unique ID's for each client as well as individual FTP ID's as required for each folder on the FTP Site.

Our toll free service allows your clients to dictate from any touch tone phone any time (24 hours per day) from anywhere in North America or the UK including Canada. We use Boston Bar Systems Corp's Telewave dictation system. Telewave is recognized as one of the leading dictation systems in both the Medical and Legal communities.

Please click here for more information on the toll free service:

The toll free service provides many features available to a handheld recorder and allows for the dictation of multiple files per call, assigns confirmation #'s and allows optional input of Patient ID, Work Type, and priority codes. To see the Telephone prompts, click here

There are no setup fees or minimum monthly charges. We do not charge fees to create new Toll Free user ID's.

If you would like to take advantage of this offer, please complete the attached agreement and fax to our offices with a valid credit card. Note a minimum deposit is required on all new accounts, but should you decide to cancel your subscription before your 5 free hours is up, we will gladly refund your deposit.

Please quote Offer: 012006 on your application.

Do not hesitate to contact us with any additional queries.


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