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FTP Support

Q) How do I access the Teletouch FTP Site

Click here to view the Teletouch FTP Instructions. Microsoft Word or viewer required.

The following support questions are provided for WS_FTP, but may apply to your situation.

Q) I cannot connect to an FTP site.
Make sure that you have an active dial-up connection. WS_FTP Pro is not a dialer; it calls the Winsock.DLL and uses the dialer specified there.

Q) When I connect to my Internet Service Provider, I wait a long time and WS_FTP seems to timeout and quit the connection before I have a chance to change to my directory.

You must include the initial remote directory or the connection will timeout waiting for the server to format the directory for the LIST command. The root of the FTP server has thousands of directories (one for each user) so if you don't include the initial remote directory WS_FTP issues the LIST command which then times out, waiting for that long list of directories to be delivered. You can contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider) to get your initial remote directory.

Q) When I use WS_FTP to connect to an FTP site, I get connected and logged in, but the folder/directory list of the FTP site is blank or contains garbage.

You probably have the wrong host type specified for the FTP site. You can try other host types while you are connected to find one that displays the folders/directories correctly. Try "UNIX (standard)," "Sun Solaris," "WinQVT/Net," "Ipswitch" and then any other types that seem likely. In the classic interface, you change the Host Type on the Session tab of the Options dialog box. In the Explorer, you change the Host Type on the General tab of the Site Properties.

Q) WS_FTP does not work with my AOL (America OnLine) connection. Why?

This is a common complaint from Windows 95 users. Most AOL accounts use a 16-bit TCP/IP stack and do not support 32-bit TCP/IP applications. You will need to install and run the 16-bit version of WS_FTP. If you have already installed the 16-bit version, make ure your Windows shortcut points to the correct application:
For more information on AOL's Winsock support see the FTP section in your AOL application.

Q) I've received one or more "Blocking call cancelled" messages and the file transfer is incomplete.

If you are using the Microsoft TCP/IP stack (which is part of the Windows 95 and NT operating systems), try setting the Maximum Transfer Unit (MTU) to 576.)

Q ) WS_FTP can't connect to anything. I see the error message: "Cannot connect to site name."

(A) Your name server in your TCP/IP stack is not configured properly. Talk to your Internet provider for the proper values for DNS.

(B) You may be running a 32-bit version of WS_FTP over a Winsock that only supports 16-bit operations. You can either get a 32-bit Winsock for your computer, or you can switch to the 16-bit version of WS_FTP. If you are using AOL (America Online) prior to version 3.0, you will want to switch to the 16-bit version of WS_FTP. Run the Install program and to remove the 32-bit version and install the 16-bit version.
If you are not using AOL and you can get 32-bit Winsock for your computer then you should be able to run the 32-bit version of WS_FTP.

Q) Why do I get a 530 Login incorrect. !Logon failure, so quitting?

You probably entered an Incorrect username or password.

Q) I keep receiving error messages with numbers. What do they mean?

The numbers represent FTP Server Return Codes to identify errors. Click here for detailed list on return codes.

Q) I have purchased WS_FTP Pro, but when I try to open it I get an expiration warning.

Make sure that you installed the purchased copy over the evaluation copy. The only difference between the two is that the evaluation will expire; if you are still getting these warnings then you are still running the evaluation copy.
1. Exit from WS_FTP Pro. Take note of where the application is installed.
2. Run the install.exe application again. Choose "No" when prompted to over-write the ws_ftp.ini file.Q) How do I remove the ICON from my desktop?

You can access this by going to the Start Menu Programs > WS_FTP Pro > WS_FTP Pro Icon Placement. You can select where you would like the icons for each interface to be placed, either in MyComputer or on your Desktop. Please note that if you remove the WS_FTP Pro Explorer icon from both locations you will no longer be able to use WS_FTP Pro Explorer

Q) How do I uninstall the evaluation copy?
Run the install program and select uninstall

Q) Why can't I delete folders? I do have permissions.

If a folder is not empty, you can delete it only if you have selected "Allow deletion of non-empty folders" in the Pro tab of properties.)

Q) The files I transferred are corrupted.

You may have transferred a binary file in ASCII transfer mode; this can damage the file. Make sure you transfer text files in ASCII mode and most other files in BINARY mode. If you still have problems, verify that you have hardware flow control enabled on your modem. If you are not using the Microsoft TCP/IP stack (part of the Windows 95 or NT operating system), contact your stack vendor.)

Q) How do I use WS_FTP Pro with a proxy or firewall?

If you are behind a [proxy server or] firewall, make sure Use Firewall is checked and enter the firewall information. To enter firewall information, you'll need to get information about your firewall from your network administrator; depending on the type of firewall, you'll need the following information.
For a "SITE hostname" firewall type, you'll need Host Name (or Address) and User Name (ID).
For a "Transparent" firewall type, you'll need User Name (ID) and Password.
For "USER with no logon" or "Proxy OPEN" firewall types, you'll need the Host Name (or Address). (The User Name and Password are ignored.)
For "USER after logon," "USER remoteID@remoteHost fireID," "USER fireID@remoteHost," or "USER remoteID@fireID@remoteHost" firewall types, you'll need Host Name (or Address), User Name (ID), and Password


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